Website Ideas to Avoid Customer Problems


I’ve been reading about customer experience and, in the case of a couple of articles, about the importance of the avoidance of customer problems. They might be of interest to your new UX employee. For example, “Avoiding customer problems increases loyalty by an average of 20%….Similar research has found that resolving an existing problem raises loyalty from 30 to 50% versus leaving it unresolved.” And “…deliver information that educates or resets expectations prior to the customer encountering the problem.”

I saw these interesting website and service ideas in an article:

  • Aimed at novices, AOL has a welcoming home page that contains frequently asked questions driven by the last week’s call volume. Further, AOL has an avatar named Regina who guides customers to other parts of the website.
  • A consumer electronics company uses proactive, preventive education by highlighting prevalent problems to avoid on the quick-start page, resulting in a 30% reduction of calls on those issues.
  • Several catalog companies take preventive measures online by offering to chat when a customer has a 30 to 60-second dwelling period on a particular page and may be stuck (might be tough for us as we have browsing pages, which take a long time to review). As many as 50% of customers accept, and 15% end up buying.

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  1. The Kentico CMS that we will probably be moving to during rebranding allows you to se up variants where you show content based upon certain conditions–we could identify potential pitfalls and display helpful content either before or during a transaction. Cool stuff. Thanks, Jane!

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