Best and Not So Best Pracitices


“the most successful libraries had a ratio of equal parts library-specific content like announcements of library programming, merely “fun” posts like funny photos of cats and dogs or comments on sports teams, and a third part news about authors, publishing, and promoting reading, such as asking “What are you reading?””

Don’t you think we have a good ratio of the first two, but are kind of lacking on the third? I asked on Twitter what people think we are missing with our Tweets. Our one response was “Audiobooks! Things like: @wilw just recorded (blank).” So it seems we may be not providing enough of that reading/materials part of it. I know librarians were providing book reviews for a bit, but it seems to have dwindled off. What do you think they want to hear from us? Book picks, news, recently ordered? We’ll have to take a look at what patrons are liking at other libraries on social media.


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