Social Media Workshop @ 9News


Today I attended a social media workshop put on by 9News and being a successful news organization in Denver, they had some wonderful tips to share.

BE FLEXIBLE–It was our first really cold, snowy day of this season and most people spent a significant portion of time sitting in traffic that morning. So they asked, what is everyone talking about this morning?? The weather! No matter your organization or brand, you should also be talking about the weather. This leads to the tip that it is important to BE FLEXIBLE. If you had planned to talk about an event, change it to weather talk–a pretty picture, a de-stresser, etc. Be ready to change up your content as-needed depending on what’s going on. You want to get people interacting.

RELEVENT CONTENT–You only need to post to Facebook 2-3 times/day (but you should be posting at least everyday). Facebook needs to see your content as RELEVENT to even give it weight so people will see it. It must be timely and relevant! Facebook algorithm is constantly changing, so keep up-to-date about what content gets the most weight. Some stuff will make Facebook lower your weight, like posting stuff that nobody cares about, or begging for likes. After 9News telling us text posts reach more people (though they may not get the interaction) I did a little search and found this article that makes more sense of the algorithm. I think some testing is in order!

POSTS–What is trending? What content are your competitor’s customers liking? What is your community doing? We all care about what is going on in our communities, and people like to see that. Give a shout out to your local high school that just won the championship. Share gardening tips with your local nursery and get them interacting on your page answering questions. Tie fun stuff into events, like share a fun infograph with your event link. Make sure you have a night presence. Don’t share content from other brands, repurpose it, you get more reach.

INSIGHTS–Continually look at your INSIGHTS to see what posts do best for you, learn your demographic of users, what time your users are on Facebook, track the reach of each post. Look and see where your engagements are. Use that to your advantage.

STORY BUMP–Now when you go to Facebook, scroll halfway down the page and then exit, the posts you didn’t see will show up at the top of your newsfeed next time you log in along next to the newer stuff. This is called “STORY BUMP.” Take advantage of Story Bump by engaging your fans, the more engaging you are, the more your posts will show up in newsfeeds.

Remember you don’t need to be serious all the time, and show your personality! Make sure no matter what you are posting, people still know how your page will make them feel when they visit.

Our Facebook Insights:
76% of our fans are women and 22% are between 35-44.
86% of people that engage with us are women, and 76% are fans of ours.
We get the most engagement around 8 pm.
So far our best recent post has engaged (likes, shares, comments) 159 people and reached 1575.
No one has hidden any of our posts, reported us for spam or unliked us in the last month.


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