Facebook Conversions Webinar


I attended a Facebook Conversions webinar put on by Heyo. Heyo is this cool product that let’s you create FB apps and widgets without any coding skills (enewsletter signups, calendar countdowns, like gateways, etc). Some of the info I learned from them:

  • 8.11% of all Internet traffic originates from Facebook
  • Develop an ideal fan/persona and post for them
  • Make content relevant for your fan by providing social proof, instruction, tools/utilities, rewards/incentives, and thought leadership
  • Remember: fans interact with your content in their news feed, not on your page
  • Posts with photos get 53% more likes than regular posts
  • Force engagement with posts that include the wording: “fill in the blank”, “what date did…?”, “on a scale of 1-10…”
  • Print marketing is effective in converting offline fans to online fans
  • 91% of adults 18 + own a cell phone; 48% of FB users are mobile only

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