10 Reasons You Need G+ for Your Business in 2014


10 Reasons You Need Google+ for Your Business in 2014

+Kath Dawson has written a seriously in-depth post on why companies really need to get on board with Google+ this year for the Strategy blog. Here are some of the top reasons:

Google+ is Google
Google+ isn’t just another social network. It’s part of the wider product that is ‘Google’ and which encompasses everything from Youtube to Gmail, so becoming influential on Google+ can have so much more of an impact on your business than doing the same on Facebook or Twitter. Which brings us onto our next point…

Google+ can improve your SEO
Google+ is already having an impact on search results as far as personalised search goes. As Kath proves in the article, your Google+ updates can appear in the SERPs literally seconds after you post them for anyone who has you circled and is logged into Google, so it’s worth building a large audience who have your brand circled. Plus, it’s likely Google+ will have more of an impact on non-personalised search in the future too.

Google+ has something no other social media network does – ripples. This fantastic tool lets you see not only who shared your content, but then who reshared it from them and so on. This gives you a really quick, easy way to find people outside of your network who are interested in what your brand has to offer!

Check out the blog post at www.strategyinternetmarketing.co.uk/google-plus-for-business-essential-for-2014 for all 10 tips.


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