The Rehabilitation of the Facebook Newsfeed


Sorry I’ve been a little post-happy, but this is another good one I think.

  • Produce great, relevant content by being data driven about what your audience wants: Track your audience across platforms and figure out what drives them and systematically produce good content. A good test for good content is stuff you might read for yourself, even if you didn’t work for a brand. If your Facebook content is a coupon in disguise, pay for it.
  • Build content across Twitter: We at PeerIndex believe that Twitter is the best place to systematically work out what content and which influencers are relevant to your brand. Twitter is also a fantastic place to build audiences. For signal detection, Twitter rocks. Identify trends and build across Twitter, transferring what works to Facebook if you need to extend your reach beyond Facebook.
  • Use Facebook’s paid platform: Facebook’s paid platform is pretty rock solid. Ads on Facebook appear to work pretty well, especially if they are tied back to good content. (Twitter’s Ads also perform extremely well.)

Here’s the whole article…


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